APPLY BY JULY 15, 2017

  1. 1. The review committee of the Safe-in-Sound Excellence In Hearing Loss Prevention Award shall consider all applications properly completed and materials submitted with or in support thereof.

  2. 2. Material submitted with or in support of all applications shall be received on the condition that:

    — The committee shall not be required to return such material or any portion thereof to the applicant.

    — The committee may make such disclosure of the names of applicants and of the hearing loss prevention program and/or innovation disclosed in such material as the committee considers appropriate.

    — In the case of award winning applicants, the committee may also utilize photos, videos, submitted materials and additional information as it deems appropriate (e.g. for press releases, advertisements, website, etc.).

    — No claim shall be made and no action shall be brought against the award committee, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA), or members of the award committee arising out of the use made of such material or of any such disclosure.

  3. 3. The applicant warrants that disclosure of material submitted with, or in support of, the application does not breach the terms of any contract of employment or any other contract, and that he/she is entitled to make use of the material.

  4. 4. The decision of the award committee is final. If in the opinion of the award committee there are no applicants considered suitable during a given year, no awards shall be given in a specific category.

  5. 5. Public dissemination of award outcomes will be coordinated by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the National Hearing Conservation Association.

  6. 6. Applicants must sign the prescribed application, which will constitute his/her agreement to be bound by the Rules of the Awards.

Reapplication — An applicant may reapply for an award in subsequent years provided a new application form and updated supporting information are submitted.

Required Supporting Information — Please see award application for the information required with each application. Your application will not be considered complete unless all of the requirements have been met.

Potential Conflict of Interest — The Safe-in-Sound award determinations are made with the utmost effort to provide an unbiased, objective review process. Members of the Awards Expert Committee will refrain from reviewing a particular award nomination when a conflict of interest may arise. That is, members will refrain from judging an application in which they have any direct personal affiliation or any significant indirect affiliation that might be publically construed as a potential conflict of interest. If there is doubt about a reviewer's potential to provide an objective review, the NIOSH Committee Coordinator will make a decision regarding the final selection of reviewers for a particular nomination.

Award Winner Requirements
SIS award recipients are expected to participate in public relations and dissemination efforts related to the award, including but not limited to press releases, sharing of effective and innovative HLP practices, identification as a Safe-in-Sound recipient, and similar involvements. Submission and signature on the Safe-In-Sound Award application constitutes the applicant’s and his/her employer’s agreement to be bound by the Rules of the Awards.

Additional Information — There may be requests for additional information or clarifications from the award committee during the application review process and/or site visits.